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January 2007

Howard Thurston's Documents


Jane Thurston's Webster's Common School Dictionary

 With Handwritten Notes And Signatures

     On May 14, 2006 I was contacted by a gentleman named Keith.  Keith is a retired writer, reviewer, & novelist that has worked for the New York Times, Time Magazine, Playboy Magazine, and The National Review... just to name a few.

     Keith explained to me that Howard Thurston visited his grandfathers house in Whitestone, Queens (New York City) back in the 30's.  Thurston once brought a lion to the house in Whitestone that he kept in the cellar for three days before doing a show with that lion.

     Two months to the day we first started talking, July 14, 2006, we met in Manhattan, New York City at the Strand Dinner on 96th Street.

     Rory acquired Howard Thurston's wallet during that 4 hour lunch filled with great stories.  To read more about the stories and Howard Thurston's wallet CLICK HERE.

Howard Thurston's Wallet was the 1st piece Rory acquired from Keith, when they met at the Strand Diner on 96th Street, in Manhattan, New York City.   Strand Diner on 96th Street, in Manhattan, New York City.   Keith (Left) and Rory Feldman (Right) 1st met on July 14, 2006 at the Strand Diner

     Keith and I have kept in touch and have become great friends.  He told me on January 2, 2007 that he found some more Thurston items and that we should meet up again at the Strand Diner. 

     On January 5, 2007 we met up once again at the Strand Diner and sat in the same booth.

     After talking with Keith and catching up for about an hour, he finally brought out the "new Thurston items".

     They were amazing documents that were from Howard Thurston to his grandfather "John".  Keith's grandfather was great friends with Thurston and you can tell definitely tell that from these letters and telegrams.

These documents included a Western Union Telegram from June 13, 1934, a Thurston Letter From June 13, 1934, and a Postal Telegraph From January 19, 1934.

     The other item that Keith had was Jane Thurston's own Webster's Common School Dictionary that she used in school when she was very young.  Jane Thurston used this dictionary and took notes and wrote down the "Rules for school" in the back of the book.  She also practiced writing her signature on the last page.

Maybe getting ready to be like her famous dad, Howard Thurston and wanted to practice her signature...


Cover Of The Webster's Common School Dictionary  Inside Front Cover With Keith's Family Bookplate.  To The Top-Right Side Of The Bookplate It Says "Property Of Jane Thurston".

     This is what Jane Thurston wrote in the back of the book...

On the left hand side it says in Jane Thurston's handwriting it says...

" Rules for school.

1. No talking between periods.

2. No whispering during periods.

3. you must be ready for recitations.

4. you must know what your lesson is and have it written in your H.W.B.

5. you must depend on yourself for everything.

6. never interrupt!"




 My best writing.

Jane Thurston.

My worst writing.

Jane Thurston.

Jane Thurston

Jane Thurston

Jane Thurston

Jane Thurston

    Most of the time when you acquire items such as these, they do not come directly from the "original source", but this was one of those lucky times in which the pieces did.

The Original Documents And Dictionary Are In The Rory Feldman Collection (TRFC)

Copyright 2007 Rory Feldman Productions

Images Of Documents And The Dictionary Are From The TRFC And Cannot Be Used, Duplicated, Reproduced, Manipulated, Posted, Copied, Distributed In Printed Or Electronic Form Without Prior Written Permission From The Owner /Creator Of 2000 - 2015 All rights reserved.